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Which Sex Doll Brands Should I Choose in 2022

Sep 17,2022 | George. L

TPE sex dolls have been around for nearly a decade. There are not too many technical barriers in TPE material technology. Various doll brands emerge in an endless stream. There are high-quality and cost-effective doll brands, as well as shoddy fake doll brands. Below, we analyze several common doll brands. It is convenient for everyone to choose doll brands.

WM doll is one of the first brands to produce TPE real sex dolls. The design details of each WM doll are very realistic, especially good at designing small breasts and skinny sex dolls. You don't have to worry about getting a poor quality love doll when you buy WM doll. Because they represent the top level of TPE sex dolls.WM | Faith 5ft 4/ 162m E Cup Sex Doll

IronTech doll are one of the best TPE sex dolls in the sex doll industry and are among the highest in the industry for silicone sex dolls. They have amazing functionality and unparalleled beauty. They've made breakthroughs in bone, skin feel, vagina, makeup, and more. Mature sexy busty sex dolls are the main style of IronTech doll. If you want to buy this type of love doll, ironTech doll is the best choice.Irontech | Lunna 5ft 3 /160cm Big Breast Sex Doll

The above two brands I call T0 level TPE sex dolls. Their products carry a certain brand premium, but that's worth it. In addition, the following brands also have high-quality sex dolls, and each has its own characteristics. It has a good reputation in China and is also very affordable in Europe and the United States. Although some websites also sell them very expensive, it is obviously unreasonable. 

Aibei doll is a well-known sex doll manufacturer in China. They are developing very fast and their love dolls are very diverse, from realistic Asian sex dolls, ebony sex dolls, Caucasian sex dolls to elf sex dolls with a very wide variety of possibilities for custom skin tones. In the case that the quality is not lost to the T0 level brand, there is a super value price. Aibei | Mystique - 5Ft 2 (158cm) Ultra realistic Blue Skin Sex doll Full TPE-First Love Doll

JX doll is an emerging brand in China, focusing on making silicone head dolls. It is a gathering place for Asian-style sex dolls. The main style of JXdoll is similar to Japanese sex dolls. Thanks to the silicone material, each sex doll comes to life. JXdoll is very popular among players in Asia. The important thing is that JXdoll is a very affordable brand.JY Doll is one of the most experienced sex doll manufacturers in China. Although they offer different types of TPE dolls, their most successful are Chinese sex dolls. In China, she is more popular than WM doll. But not famous in America. Because of this, they don't have much brand premium in the US and are very affordable sex doll brands
6ye doll is one of the first brands to produce TPE real sex dolls. Product quality can be comparable to WM doll. The product category is rich, but it also causes the style to be confusing, and there is not much brand marketing. So most people are not impressed with this brand of dolls. But if you want to buy their sex dolls. Quality is absolutely guaranteed.6YE | Beckett - 5ft7/170cm Hot Male Doggy-able Sex Doll

First Love Doll is abbreviated as FL doll. Website own brand. Our founder George L has been in the doll industry for nearly ten years. We understand the needs of the doll industry and players very well. A variety of intelligent sex dolls such as electric buttocks, vagina sucking, and automatic oral sex have been launched. Take the sex doll experience to new heights. And with no agency fees, they are undoubtedly the most affordable. Elu - 163cm/5Ft 4 Beautiful Mid Boobs Life-Like Sex Doll With Blonde Curly Hair ( In stock US)-First Love Doll

Other brands are not introduced one by one here. What is certain is that the brands sold on our website are all brands with reliable quality. Before establishing a partnership with the brand, the founder George. L will go deep into the factory to understand the doll maker, including the production process, raw materials, product quality, workshop environment, makeup technology, etc. We will only sell their branded dolls if every aspect of the factory meets our standards. We will be responsible for the dolls we sell, please rest assured to buy!